Palo santo 8oz scented candle from Farmer&
Palo santo 8oz scented candle from Farmer&

Palo Santo

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Top Notes: Marine, Eucalyptus, Sea Salt
Middle Notes: Palo Santo, Water Lotus, Rose
Base Notes: Woody, Soft Musk, Amber

Grounding. Peaceful. Woodsy. The perfect scent to bring a quiet calm, ideal for those moments of meditation and reflection.

Designed and formulated in the Farmer's Son Co. lab, Palo Santo recreates and honours the richness of the sacred Palo Santo (holy wood) tree, native to Ecuador, Peru and many other areas throughout Latin and South America. The fragrant scent of Palo Santo has been used to freshen spaces, bring calm during mediation and reduce stresses.

Palo Santo features notes of Palo Santo wood, warm amber, marine, salt and white musk.