What happened to Faveri's Wood Furniture?

This is a question we get on occasion. And it is a good one. Where did the store that has been around since 1976, providing a really unique experience for Winnipeggers and some of the best furniture sold in the past 5 decades, go?

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In truth, it didn't go anywhere. We are still at 625 Wall Street, the same location we have always been, still selling the solid wood furniture that we always have, and still offering that one-on-one customer service that our patrons have come to know and love. We just have a different name.

So why Inland? Why change something that isn't broken? 

It's a pretty simple explanation: the Faveri family, who started the business in 1976, sold the store in 1991, and haven't had any affiliation since. In fact, I am the fourth owner of the store. I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Faveri, though by all accounts, he was a lovely man that clearly found an incredible niche in Winnipeg. So we decided to give him his name back. We still love hearing all the stories of people buying their first Faveri's piece back in nineteen-eighty something, and that it is still the best dining table they have ever had. But going forward, we wanted the Faveri's to rest easy with their legacy in tact and well loved.

I'm happy to clear up some questions we have gotten over the past two years:
  1. Are we going to stop selling the furniture we have always carried?

    Absolutely not! We have amazing relationships with our builders all across North America, especially our Canadian builders. They are the most flexible, adaptable and incredible builders there are. And we are lucky to work with them. They create custom furniture that is perfected for each customer.

  2. Why does the store look so different from how I remember?

    Indeed, Faveri's, now Inland, has evolved over the generations. We used to sell 90% unpainted and unfinished furniture. It seems that some of those skills have been lost to time, or folks just don't want to take on the project anymore. So now it is opposite: we sell 90% (or more) fully finished furniture. The great news is that we have a fully functioning finishing shop right down the road that allows you to customize your piece further. They are also incredible refinishers, and if you have an old piece that needs new life, they are the best in the business. 

  3. Where is the furniture made?

    A lot, and I mean the bulk, of what we sell is Canadian made. We have builders spanning from British Columbia to Quebec. They all offer different styles and levels of customization. But one thing unites them: they specialize in solid wood furniture. We are also the exclusive carriers of Stickley Furniture here in Manitoba. They are a 120 year old company from upstate New York that invented, originated and perfected the Arts & Crafts style. I have so much to say about this company that I will no doubt have in a separate post. 

  4. Do you sell only furniture?

    Heavens no. We carry lighting, rugs, décor, furniture paint and finishing products, artwork, and so much more. We strive to be a place that always surprises you when you have a walk through, finding new treasures and pieces for your home. We endeavor to be a singular store of inspiration for you.

The moral of the story is that at our core, we are the same heritage brand of Winnipeg we have always been. We just got a new coat of paint, and a spruced up logo. We'd love for you to learn more by visiting us at 625 Wall Street. 


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