Stickley Martine


As we draw back the curtain on the Martine Collection, prepare to be surprised—and immediately captivated. Martine showcases the warmth and exuberance of cherry, but smoothed, rounded, and softened—a softness you want to reach out and touch. It’s a look that feels new and modern through the eyes of Stickley.

Curve Appeal

The true beauty of the Stickley Martine Collection is in its sense of familiarity, calm, and comfort. While the clean shapes are sophisticated, with a touch of mid-century chic, its edges and angles have been smoothed away in favour of soft curves, gentle sweeps, and perfect arcs.

Permission to Touch

No wood seems quite as smooth to the touch as perfectly sanded solid cherry. It brings its accustomed warmth, silkiness, and lively grain to every Stickler Martine piece, waterfalling over edges and occasionally applied in decorative veneers.

Meet The Designer

Product Spotlight

Martine Arced Bar Cabinet

The Stickley Martine Arced Bar Cabinet brings a touch of drama, from its veneered cherry doors with soaring cathedral grains to an 81 inch high crowning arc defined by round bead molding.