Stickley Harvey Ellis

Harvey Ellis

In the few months he spent working with Gustav Stickley, the architect, artist, and designer Harvey Ellis made his mark on Stickley furniture and American Arts & Crafts. See why his lighter, more decorative style has made the Harvey Ellis Collection a perennial Stickley best seller.

Signature Inlay

Harvey Ellis inlay patterns—including elongated floral abstracts, sailing ships, and woodland scenes—add beautiful decorative detail. Stickley's modern interpretations are composed primarily of colourful woods like cherry, makore, English sycamore, magnolia, and bird’s-eye maple, with occasional copper rings and accents.

A Lighter Touch

Harvey Ellis modified and lightened Stickley’s heavier, more rectilinear pieces, adding features like overhanging tops, bowed sides, and rounded aprons that lifted pieces gracefully from the ground.

Craftsmanship You Can See

Visible, dependable construction features like mortise and tenon joinery, quadralinear posts, and side hung, centre guided drawers were perfected by Leopold Stickley to make Mission furniture exceedingly strong and long lasting. 

Dresser Details

Cherry with Cherry

Harvey Ellis dressers offer three wood and hardware options. Cherry drawer fronts feature matching cherry knobs.

Curly Maple with Walnut

Harvey Ellis curly maple drawer fronts feature round walnut knobs circled with a copper ring.

Oak with Dark Copper

Harvey Ellis oak drawer fronts are paired with dark copper bail pulls in a classic Mission style.

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