Stickley Park Slope

Park Slope

The Stickley Park Slope Collection starts with familiar Mission features like spindles and reverse tapered posts, then evolves the style with softer, organic curves, seamlessly highlighting brilliant hardwood and honest construction.

A New Generation of Arts and Crafts

Arranging spindles in curves and bows creates a fresh perspective from every direction. They also filter light, casting beams and shadows that shift throughout the day. A piece that lends the room a certain look in the morning may create an entirely new mood as the sun sets.

Comfort with Every Curve

The Stickley Park Slope Platform Bed shows how a mid-century modern influence lightens the Arts and Crafts style. Its spindled wraparound headboard embraces the occupant, and a raised cantilever base adds airy space all around.

Award Winning Style

The Stickley Park Slope Accent Chair, with its sculptural arm rest and sheltering curve of tall square spindles, received the 2019 Design Impact Award from the American Society of Industrial Designers.

Park Slope Materials

Oak & Cherry

Park Slope is available in two woods, each with its own hand rubbed finish options. Choose quartersawn white oak for a deeply grained, dimensional appearance, or cherry for a subtler grain, rich in patina.


Park Slope’s Mission finishes have a unique clarity seldom seen in furniture today, ensuring that every detail of the wood grain is not only visible but beautifully enhanced.

Fabrics & Leathers

Upholstered pieces can be customized with your choice of any Stickley Fine Upholstery fabric or leather, including sustainable options or options with performance finishes.

Making of the Park Slope Bed