About Inland

What makes a piece of furniture iconic? Is it the finest craftsmanship, a timeless aesthetic, its enduring quality, or the approval of tastemakers?

Inland Fine Furnishings, previously Faveri’s Wood Furniture, has a decades old history in Winnipeg of getting furniture with lasting appeal into homes. Not everyone can figure out the formula to do this, but there’s been a legacy of owners who have helped make an Inland piece mean something.

From a woodworker, to a tastemaker, to a couple devoted to creating a boutique shopping experience, Inland is grounded in a reputation for selling custom furniture that isn’t replaced - but rather to be passed down in the family. Just like its timeless pieces, the Faveri’s brand has been passed down to new proprietors and visionaries.

In 2021, the luxury brand caught the attention of aesthetically driven John Klassen, who’s drawn to creating environments that invoke feelings and that become an aspirational mood board for the rest of your life. He has taken the helm of the local furniture shop specializing in custom wooden pieces, but he’s driven to bring the brand beyond the city, beyond wooden furniture, beyond just homes and into the cultural zeitgeist.

In doing this, he’s found a new formula for Inland. He’s dedicated to only sourcing products from craftspeople he has visited & meticulously vetted, and he’s curating the shop to find masters of their craft who are local, and only going outside of borders when the quality needs to be imported.

Inland Fine Furnishings is committed to bringing a highly curated, contextual experience for shoppers wherever they may be. Once you have your first Inland piece, you are part of the experience, and your family will enjoy it for generations to come.