Fusion Fresco
Fusion Fresco

Fusion Fresco

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Fusion Fresco is a powdered texture additive that makes it easy to get a chalky, rustic, sea swept, or highly textured finish. Using Fusion Fresco is as easy as mixing it into Fusion Mineral Paint and applying it! Fresco is 100% Natural and contains no VOCs.

Application Tool: Brush, Sponge, Spatula, or use with a Stencil.

Re-coat Time: 1-2 hrs depending on thickness applied

Top Coat: Not required - however, any topcoat can be applied if desired and tinted waxes are great to highlight the textures

Clean Up: Water

Coverage: 35 sq.ft.

Recommended Uses: Add texture to virtually any surface. Make a chalky paint finish with Fusion Mineral Paint

Can Be Applied To: Fabric, Metal, Wood, Plastic, Painted surfaces. Non-oil, no wax surfaces

Can Be Painted Over: Yes

How To Use It:

Add Fresco powder to your Fusion Mineral Paint and stir. The more powder you add the more texture you will achieve. The more you stir, the more chalky and smooth the finish will become. 

Apply as many coats as desired, mix with any colours you like.  

  • It can be top coated to accentuate texture
  • It is highly water resistant - no top coat is required
  • Great for hiding imperfections in furniture
  • Can be custom tinted. Just add a few drops of paint or metallic and mix, then use! 
  • It is ideal to use for embossing through stencil patterns to create a raised effect

How do I get a chalky finish with Fresco?

Add about 2 tbsp of Fresco powder to a pint of Fusion. Apply the mixture to your prepped surface in various directions for a hand-painted look. If any lumps occur, brush them out.

How do I get a crackly, heavy-textured finish with Fresco?

For this texture, you want a lot of Fresco powder added to your paint. Try a 1 to 1 ratio to start. Apply a thick layer of the mixture to your prepped surface. Allow it to set for 10-20 minutes. Knock down any heavy lumps by passing your brush over them. The heavier the texture, the larger the cracks you will get. Letting the surface sit in sunlight, heat, or even using a hair dryer will increase the cracks.

How do I get a seaswept finish with Fresco?

Mix about 1 part Fresco to 2 parts Fusion Mineral Paint. Apply the mixture to your prepped surface. To add extra texture, try a stippling effect. Allow the mixture to set for 10-20 minutes and then knock down any heavy lumps by passing your brush over them. Allow to fully dry, then continue with additional colours and layers of paint. Fresco is not required in additional layers of paint. Complete the look by wet sanding to expose the multiple layers of paint and texture. For best results use a 220 grit sanding sponge. You can even do a little bit of antiquing with Espresso Wax or Antiquing Glaze to enhance the details.

What can I use Fresco on?

You can use Fresco on anything that you use Fusion on! Fresco dries to an extremely durable and tough finish.

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