Homestead House Milk Paint - Acadia Pear

Homestead House Milk Paint - Acadia Pear

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Acadia Pear - An Olive green, with a muted grey tone. Pairs classically with any neutral such as Champlain or Raw Silk. For a more traditional looks pair with yellows, reds and oranges such as Buttermilk Cream, Barn Red or Autumn Leaves. 


50g Tester 8-10 ft² (a side table, several mirror frames or small chair)

330g (1 Quart / 0.5 lbs) 70-75 ft² (a dresser and a side table)

2.3kg (10 Quarts / 5 lbs) 700-750 ft² (a large dining room table with 8 chairs and sideboard)

4.5kg (20 Quarts / 10 lbs) 1,400-1,500 ft² (large size kitchen, all cabinets and an island)

13.6kg (60 Quarts / 30 lbs) 4,200-4,500 ft² (multiple large projects, a full size deck and large kitchen and flooring etc)