Fusion Smooth Embossing Paste - Pearl

Fusion Smooth Embossing Paste - Pearl

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Fusion Smooth Embossing Paste can be tinted with our metallics in Copper, Pale Gold, Brushed Steel, Champagne and Bronze colours to create beautiful effects. Tinted embossing paste using our metallics will have a different kind of effect given the lighting and angles they appear under.

Can be applied by using a damp sponge, spatulas, brushed, or used with stencils.


Application Tool: Brush, Sponge, Spatula, or use with a Stencil.

Re-coat Time: 2-12 hrs

Dry Time: 2-12 hrs

Top Coat: Not required - however any topcoat can be applied if desired.

Clean Up: Water

Coverage: 35 sq.ft.

Finish/Sheen: White Pearl - can be custom tinted with paint or metallics

Recommended Uses: Add raised detailing texture through stencils, or apply directly onto furniture for texture and sheen using a brush.

Can Be Applied To: Ready to paint surfaces. Non-oil or wax surfaces.

Can Be Painted Over: Yes

Cure Time: 21 Days

Apply by using a damp sponge, spatula, brushed, or used with stencils. If you’re looking for a detailed raised stencil, we recommend a spatula or trowel. 

Can also be used with a damp brush and brushed on for a frosted look. 

The Smooth Embossing Paste will hold any texture that it is put into. 

Dries in about 2-12 hours depending on how thick the layer was. 

Once dry you can top coat or accent it, or leave as is. 

  • Comes in a pearl finish
  • Can be custom tinted. Just add a few drops of paint or metallic and mix, then use! 
  • It is ideal to use for embossing through stencil patterns to create a raised effect.
  • It will dry translucent with a pearl finish and can then be painted, glazed or waxed over to enhance your design.

Can I use this over Fusion Mineral Paint?

Yes definitely!

Can I use Fusion Mineral Paint over this?

Of course!

Can I mix this with Fusion Mineral Paint?

Yes! However, the more paint you mix in, the less texture will hold.

How do I use Smooth Embossing Paste?

You can use Smooth Embossing Paste in a number of different ways. You can apply with a brush, trowel, or really anything you want! You can apply directly to your surface, you can mix with some paint, or you can even spread the paste through a stencil to create a raised effect. Depending on how thick you apply, the Smooth Embossing Paste can take up to a day to dry.

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