Fusion Cell Enhancer
Fusion Cell Enhancer

Fusion Cell Enhancer

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Made of high-grade silicone oil that will enhance, enlarge, and increase the number of cells within your resin art application. Simply add a couple of drops to each mixed colour, and let the Cell Enhancer do the rest. 

Application Tool: Poured on

Location: Interior

Re-coat Time: You can not coat over this product

Dry Time: Does not dry. To remove oily residue use rubbing alcohol

Top Coat: None recommended

Clean Up: Rubbing Alcohol

Coverage: 25 sq.ft. 

Finish/Sheen: Glossy 

Recommended Uses: Enhancing acrylic pour art

Can Be Applied To: Acrylic art pours

Can Be Painted Over: No

How to Prep: Apply onto acrylic pours while still wet

Cure Time: N/A

Maintenance/Cleaning: Rubbing Alcohol

Please note: You can not paint over a surface that includes Fusions Cell Enhancer.

How To Use:

Use 1-2 drops per 30 mL of pouring resin. Can be applied directly into the resin pours, or applied onto the surface after the pour has happened.

Wearing protective gloves is recommended. May leave surface feeling slick/ wet after afterwards, use alcohol or mineral spirts to remove.

Please Note: You cannot paint over a surface that includes Cell Enhancer.

If using Cell Enhancer, afterwards be sure to wipe those areas clean with a bit of rubbing alcohol to remove the shiny wet look.

Fusion Cell Enhancer adds an interesting effect, creating separation and other formations in your art pours.

What is Cell Enhancer used for?

Fusion Cell Enhancer can be used to increase the number and size of cells in acrylic pouring applications.

Can I paint over Cell Enhancer?

No - nothing can be put over top of the Cell Enhancer as it is made of silicon oil.

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