Fusion Gel Stain & Top Coat - Double Espresso
Fusion Gel Stain & Top Coat - Double Espresso

Fusion Gel Stain & Top Coat - Double Espresso

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Fusion's brush on Gel Stain and Topcoat is a one step finish, excellent for surfaces in rough shape to hide imperfections with minimal prep work required. Add colour and protection in one step.

This product is ideal for over all types of surfaces, scratched, uneven, unstable due to chipping as with milk-painted surfaces, melamine, laminate, pre-painted or stained wood surfaces. It’s so versatile!



Application Tool: Brush or Staalmeester roller

Location: Interior

Re-coat Time: 9 hrs

Top Coat: No additional top coat is required. This is made strong enough for floors and table tops

Clean Up: Odourless Solvent - can also be used to this the coats and create a faster drying/cure time.

Coverage: 100-150 sq.ft. 

Finish/Sheen: Satin sheen

Recommended Uses: Virtually any surface with minimal prep required

Can Be Applied To: Use like a stain over raw or well-sanded wood; apply over painted surface for glaze effect, or added protection; seal milk paint or other porous paint. Not recommended over light colours as it will yellow.

Can Be Painted Over: After 10 days curing, with a clean and scuff sand. Test first to ensure adhesion prior to tackling your full project.

How to Prep: Apply over any surface or top coat for desired effect except wax

Cure Time: 7-10 Days

Maintenance/Cleaning: Gentle cleaners

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